The Complete Seven Planets Series - Sebastian Domaschke - Copy - Copy - Beyond Tradition -Tattoo print
The Complete Seven Planets Series - Sebastian Domaschke - Copy - Copy - Beyond Tradition -Tattoo print
Product image 1The Complete Seven Planets Series - Sebastian Domaschke - Copy - Copy - Beyond Tradition -Tattoo print
Product image 2The Complete Seven Planets Series - Sebastian Domaschke - Copy - Copy - Beyond Tradition -Tattoo print

The Complete Seven Planets Series - Sebastian Domaschke - Copy - Copy

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The Complete Seven Planets Series - Sebastian Domaschke

I- Mars

This is the very first sheet of my new series, which is called “The Seven Planets”.

To begin with, planet Mars takes the centre stage. It is personated by the god of war himself, sharing the same name. Mars embodies battle, courage, strength of will and ruthless candour. The sword is a distinctive symbol of battle and combat, whereas the torch stands for the element of fire. This very element is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries, which is therefore graced by a fiery nature. Before planet Pluto was discovered, the zodiac sign of Scorpio was also associated to planet Mars. Red being the colour of fire and blood, the vivid poppy flowers support the chosen scheme.

II - Venus

The second sheet of the series is centred around planet Venus. Once again, red is the colour of choice, although this time it emphasises the concept of corporeality and sensuality. Corresponding, the main figure is portrayed by the muse, the loving one and as well as by the alluring femme fatale. The heart illustrates the feeling of being deeply and immediately enamoured, an emotional state experienced when struck down by one of Cupid’s unerring arrows. Luxury and elegance, both very valuable to Venus, are represented by the shell and its hidden gleaming pearl. Furthermore, the mirror displays a meaningful symbol of aesthetics, harmony and beauty – all qualities, which are held in high esteem by Venus. The planet has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus.

III - Merkur

The third sheet is dedicated to planet Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Based on Greek mythology, Mercury is represented by Hermes, the fleet-footed emissary and messenger of the gods. Mercury is known as the planet of logic and communication. While Gemini is the sign of mental im- and expression, underlining the constant flexibility of thought, Virgo’s key aspects on the other hand hold more of an analytical and reasonable side. Hermes, being the god of travelers and merchants, is attributed with a satchel and a winged shoe. His main symbol remains the caduceus, an icon for the spinal column and ascending energy towards the spirit. Matching Gemini, the marguerite is painted as associated flower.

IV - the Moon

At fourth place, the moon becomes the focus of attention. This planet places importance on emotions rather than the rational use of mind, and has rulership over the zodiac sign of Cancer. Just like the celestial body reflects the sunlight, Cancer people mirror their surroundings. The moon’s cyclic vicissitude, as it orbits the earth, manifests in Cancer’s emotional state, shaped by constant ebb and flow of emotion. The zodiac sign is associated with the element of water, which demonstrates itself in an intuitive ability to sense what others need and a willingness to quickly adapt to its environment.

As regarding the symbolic representation, the snake stands for the moon’s feminity, whereas the blown-out candle

V - the Sun

Portraying the male counterpart of the moon, the fifth sheet depicts the sun. As a symbolization of body and mind, the sun and its associates zodiac sign illustrate a concept known as affirmation of life. Being born under the sign of Leo, those influenced by it carry characteristics such as a strong and magnetic personality, beaming with light, friendliness and confidence. Like the sun being the centre of our solar system, Leo people just naturally deem themselves the centre of their own existence. Adding to the theme, the majestic eagle stands as an allegory of power and the need to dominate. Moreover, the burning candle represents the shining light and the element of fire, associated with the zodiac sign of Leo. As the name already points out, the sunflower is a match to the traits of sun and Leo.

VI - Jupiter

The sixth sheet of the series thematises Jupiter, the largest of all planets. In Greek mythology Jupiter gets equated with Zeus, the king and allfather of the gods. His well-known emblems are thunder and lightning, which he uses as both punishing and protective weapons. Aside from law and order, Jupiter also symbolizes the unlimited diversity of life, shown by the horn of plenty. Looking down from above, Sagittarius sometimes tends to overlook the small, yet significant trivialities of life. If there’s a flip side to it, a potential pitfall might be arrogance, as well as preaching justice and reason whilst not living up to their own advice. Back in the days, before Neptune’s discovery, the planet was said to rule both Sagittarius and Pisces. Lilies are Sagittarius’ matching flowers.

VII - Jupiter

Last but not least, it’s the turn of Saturn. The planet gets portrayed by mighty Cronus, the god of time. As told in ancient Greek tales, the Titan devoured his own children, serving as a gory allegory of the unstoppable progress and passing of time. Searching for a less bloody visualization of the fleeting of time, I chose to paint an hourglass with grains of sand passing through it.

Additional to the already explained traits, Saturn is also a symbol of bountiful harvest after hard work. Carving out the way to success, all it takes is time, patience as well as perseverance and a firm commitment to the cause. To my mind, and due to its thorny appearance, the thistle is a felicitous representation of hardship. Before the discovery of Uranus, the zodiac sign of Aquarius was associated to Saturn, too.


7 High-quality Giclée-Prints on Hahnemühle William Turner 190 gsm FineArt Aquarell paper

30 x 40 cm, unframed

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