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Tradition is to not praise the ashes

but to pass the fire“

Gustav Mahler


The so-called "tattoo flash", as established by pioneers of the scene such as Bert Grimm, Sailor Jerry und Ed Hardy more than a century ago still decorates the walls of thousands of tattoo studios until now and build the foundation of an art form that went through an impressive development over time.

Outstanding artists from around the globe create works nowadays that are unparalleled in relation to their innovation, strength and excellent craftsmanship. Some of them stick to the origins and are giving traditional designs a new splendour and others budge far beyond tradition without, however, disowning their roots.

Beyond Tradition committed to the the mission of giving this magnificent art form the platform it deserves and to showcase it to a wider audience beyond the bounds of the tattoo scene.

All reproductions are printed in the high-resolution Giclèe printing technique with lightfast color pigments on high-quality paper grades, Beyond Tradition wants to meet the high demands on both, our customers, and the representing artists.

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