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WHAT ABOUT TAROT? "Seelenbilder", which literally translates to "pictures of the soul" - that's the name Carl Gustav Jung chose to call the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana. This expression already gives away a subtle hint: with the help of Tarot you will be able to go on an intense journey to experience the mysterious world of your own subconsciousness. Thereby, the cards will unfold your true potential as well as your possibility of personal development. Not a single design of the Major Arcana could be considered meaningless - in fact, it is quite the opposite. Even the smallest detail tells a complex story and reveals profound and well-kept secrets. Using a mesmerizing and beautiful kind of imagery, the cards map out and illustrate the way to your true self. Metaphorically speaking, the Tarot and its cards could be compared to a guidebook of life, offering countless landmarks and signposts along the path of self-awareness. But what exactly is Tarot? The Major Arcana is a suit of twenty-two cards in the Tarot deck, with every card representing one significant episode. It is focused on the main character, The Fool, and his heroic journey to enlightenment. In the course of his adventure he encounters many teachers, among others The Magician, The Empress and The Hermit. These figures pass on crucial knowledge, which strengthens and prepares him. Yet, The Fool still has to deal with the darker sides, facing the danger of The Tower and the challenges burdened by The Devil, before he can achieve the ultimate ambition - the overcoming of duality and becoming one with the creator. This final episode is represented by the card "The World". The preoccupation with the Major Arcana equals a thorough look into the depths of your soul. It connects the subconscious with the conscious, building a strong bridge across the gap between. The only thing you have to do, is to get involved with it, and trustfully take a step on that bridge to your true self.



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