Die 12 Urprinzipien

By using the horoscope as a tool of astrological prediction, the stars tell me about the traits defining my character and what purpose in life I may have.

But don’t be fooled, as this doesn’t conclude that the stars have an actual impact on life, but other than that can be used as a helping guidance. Just like the thermometer displays the temperature, but doesn’t generate it. There’s simultaneity and synchronicity rather than coherence and causality.

But what connects the “Above” of the stars and the “Below” down here on earth?

I’ve decided to outline four different categories in this series: profession, animals, plants and objects. As this might ease the understanding of the different archetypal principles and their respective traits, it also results in a visually appealing variety on every particular sheet.

I chose the era of the 1920s to frame my work time-wise, since I see a lot of similarities to today’s times, yet I undoubtedly prefer the aesthetics and the style back then.

The underlining idea of this series is the following: you either get intuitively drawn to your archetypal symbols or you decide to rationally identify yourself based on your zodiac sign. My aim at that is to encourage you on the path to self-awareness.

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