His work speaks its own language and connoisseurs will identify his work as a “Domaschke” immediately, even though his style has undergone some change throughout the last few years. Progression pushes him as an artist, as proven again by his new flash set The Seven Planets.


The Lowbrow Tattoo Parlour was like your second home for twelve years, together with Matthias Böttcher, it was a source for high-quality tattoos and creativity. What led to the end of this era and what will happen next?


I cheated and that’s why Matthias left me! No, Matthias got itchy feet. He will travel the world for an indefinite period of time and that’s why he didn’t even consider extending the lease. I do miss him and our time together. New things can’t happen if old ones don’t come to an end. If the Lowbow Tattoo Parlours wouldn’t have closed, my new studio, Here and Now Berlin, wouldn’t have opened. I am very happy that I found a really nice commercial unit so quickly in my favourite and crowded district Friedrichshain. It’s a studio without shop windows in a quiet area again with the usual private sphere for me and my great customers.


Your new series The Seven Planets followed shortly after your Tarot Flash Set. Are you just as fascinated by astrology as you are by tarot?


Yes, both topics took hold of me. There is still so much more to discover. Whereby astrology seems a bit more complex to me than tarot. The Seven Planets records my introduction into the topic. It portraits the seven planets and its mythological representations along with the twelve zodiac signs as well as the matching plants.


Considering the choice of design, the theme seems perfect for a flash set because of its various features or was it more difficult than the tarot cards?


No, it was easier. Structure wise it was a continuation of the tarot flash sets. But this time I completely subordinated the colour design to the mood. I chose to portrait the planet Mars, which is represented through Mars, the god of war, with an aggressive red. In contrast to that, I chose to portrait the moon and the cancer sign in a cool, melancholic blue.


It seems like you really grappled yourself with each planet and the zodiac signs. Can you give an example of how your research and interpretation turned into a symbol or motive on the flash?


For instance, the planet Mercury is represented by the mythological figure Hermes. The star signs Gemini and Virgo are subordinated to him. As a garnishment, I chose marguerites, which are attributed to the Gemini.


Is the layout of the individual motives already in your mind or does it come together during the process?


I always begin with a rough pattern. In The Seven Planets, the common denominator is the centred mythological divinity and the four blossoms shape a frame. Then I used star signs and attributes as individual gap fillers.


Both, the tarot flash set as well as The Seven Planets, contain very meaningful motifs that many people can identify with. Was this about the concept of holistic tattooing?


No, with this set I simply wanted to obtain an overview of the zodiac signs and their planets. Some clients choose a design intuitively, while others are consciously choosing their zodiac sign because they do recognize the astrological description within themselves.


What is a holistic tattoo to you and do you still enjoy tattooing motifs that are less profound?


The base of a holistic tattoo is a deep conversation between me and the client. Through the interview, I am able to understand the motivation behind the tattoo better and by expressing their feelings and thoughts my clients can process furthermore. The tattoo itself is only the final step. It’s a symbol or a memory of the experience. It’s now easier to focus on growth without past burdens.  I have done enough superficial tattoos over the past fourteen years.  I don’t want to unnecessarily repeat myself, but continue growing. However, lately, I do enjoy tattooing flowers and plants with black leaves. I would describe these motifs as less profound.



Sebastian Domaschke
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